GAWOONI MetaLabs is a team of experts from the blockchain, gaming, motorsport, marketing and finance industry. Each of us works since more than 10 years in its industry segment and we are all senior management level. Our vision is to bring our expertise into the blockchain business and here especially into gaming (GameFi).

All our games are connected to real world brands and partners which opens up fascinating possibilities for marketing. This is a major USP of GAWOONI MetaLabs.

Why are blockchain games so popular right now? The answer is simple: owning and earning with games is the ultimate motivation to play. It doesn’t get any better than that!

We already have one game live in open beta (K4 Rally) and more games in development, among others, the eagerly awaited GameFi project TUKTUK RUSH.


Frank (Founder, EX ATARI)
Game / Marketing
Slavo (Management)
Game Development
Marek (Senior Dev)
Game Dev / Backend
Nat (Team Lead)
Community Management
Mike (Founder)
Adrian (Management, EX AWS)
IT Expert / Blockchain
Amporn (Management)
Biz Dev Asia
Itay (Adviser)
GameFi / Marketing
Mazdak (Board)
Finance / Biz Dev
Zlatko (Management)
Blockchain / Biz Dev / IR
Dan (Management)
Marketing Asia
Ilka (Adviser)
Motorsport / Biz Dev
Johannes (Board)
Motorsport / Biz Dev
Tim (Management)
Blockchain / Biz Dev / IR
Martin (Management)
Levent (Adviser)
Blockchain / Research


GAWOONI MetaLabs is focusing on  blockchain gaming (GameFi). We use blockchain-technology to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs identify digital objects and verify their uniqueness, authenticity and rarity. With NFTs, players can trade their digital objects and earn money. summarises the benefits for gamers: “People spend a lot of money on games. But when they finish a game, the money is gone. Their investment (time and money) is gone. But what happens when they can resell their investment in a game? This possibility will change the whole nature of video games. Playing then no longer just means spending money and investing time. It means investing, because I can sell my investment. The motivation to play will change. It is no longer just spending money in games, it is investing in games.




GAWOONI PLC Blockchain


K4 Rally

Platform: Web (PC/Mobile)
Genre: Racing / Rally
Open Beta: is live
Social Media: all links

Tuk Tuk Rush

Platform: Mobile / PC
Genre: Action / Fun Racer
Release: Q1 2025
Website: coming soon
Social Media: all links


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