NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and are created using blockchain technology. They are a kind of digital certificate of authenticity because they identify digital objects and verify their uniqueness and authenticity. Just like cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be counterfeited because here the blockchain technology is the verifying body. Copies or screenshots can be made, but the NFT always remains the original.

NFTs in video games
Leading market researchers believe that NFTs will revolutionise the gaming market, much like the success of mobile games about 10 years ago.
This is because NFTs in video games not only have a show value, but also a function, and their ability to be limited will make the games even more attractive and interesting.

Rally Game by GAWOONI MetaLabs with NFTs
GAWOONI MetaLabs is releasing its first NFT rally game in Q1 2022.
The NFT in this game is the rally car. The gamer buys the rally car and during the course of the game can buy upgrades for the car, invest time and bring the car up to, say, level 10. If the gamer then wants to stop playing, he can sell his NFT on any marketplace. The player determines the price himself and can earn more money than he has spent on it so far. Playing becomes investing! The gamer who buys the car takes it over at the existing conditions – he can continue playing in the 10th level and has an upgraded car.
GAWOONI MetaLabs sees blockchain-based games with NFTs as having enormous potential for the gamer community and will certainly surprise the gamer world with more games in the future.